We at Amazon India Simplified Customer Care are a team who strive to give our best to our readers when it comes to information related to Amazon India Customer Care. We have learnt over the years that customers feel it really hard to navigate or understand correctly what they are trying to look for. One of the main barriers is the way search terms are being used in different countries for example India.

What are we doing to improve Amazon India Customer Care?

We have done a deep research on the way an Indian customer searches on google for Amazon India related customer care and information. Therefore this made us implement this strategy to help customers reach to what they are actually looking for. By this, we may be able to hold the customer’s hand and take them to the appropriate place.

What difference are we making for a better Amazon India Customer Care?

We have started off by giving them specific walkthroughs on certain topics they might be looking for. We have made navigation more visual friendly than plain words/text. Better country-specific search keywords have been used to help them get to the appropriate search topic.

What does this lead to?

This would definitely lead to more awareness, better knowledge on reaching the right place for proper customer care, this will encourage customers to understand better and get the relevant help they might be looking for. Ultimately we attract more customers to customer care service they have been looking for, which will enable more trust and increase customers awareness to satisfaction.

Our Ultimate Goal

To get the customer to what he/she is searching for. To provide proper help and resolution to an issue/topic.

We would like to thank the visitors and will keep improving by the day!

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