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Amazon India seller support number and emails – How do I address my concerns?

As an Amazon seller, it is impossible that you don’t have a need to contact Amazon India Seller Support at any time in the growth of your business. In your career as amazon seller, even if you don’t like or want problems and issues in your business, but you may face a number of queries. To address any type of query, you must want to know the contact details of Amazon India customer care number 1800. To know where and how to get relevant and proper information matters a lot. It is crucial for you to reach the appropriate person and tell your queries and get the answer in a short time. So you must have proper information regarding Amazon India Seller Support number and emails so that you can get the best information to address your concerns.

You may be having issues which you are not understanding or you don’t have knowledge about. It may be related to registration, payments, orders from customers, listing, feedback or any other problem which may badly affect your business or Amazon seller account. It is extremely important to know that Amazon seller support has specific support centers and related contact details for specific issues. So you must know where to contact depending on your query. To address your queries, there are many ways through which you can contact Amazon India customer care number 1800. Amazon seller support phone number and emails are available to contact for addressing your issues. You can contact this Amazon customer care number 24×7. Amazon seller contact number toll-free is also available where you can call free of cost.

Seller support can help you in a number of ways such as a problem in logging into Amazon seller account, issue in uploading of inventory and generalized account questions etc. So you can contact and ask for help about issues you are facing in amazon support as a seller.

What is Amazon seller support phone number?

The most convenient and fast way to contact is amazon seller support phone number. Calling the Amazon customer care number 24×7 phone number is the best way for support because you can directly talk and tell about your issue in the best way. It is also easy for a support representative to understand your issue and guide you in a proper way. Amazon seller contact number toll-free is accessible to you 24 hours. You can call at any time free of cost. Amazon seller contact number toll-free is 1800-419-7355. The Amazon seller support calling service is available 24×7, but if you call between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, it would be more effective and you will get in touch more readily with a quality representative. The representatives are always available and ever ready to give you an helping hand.

Before calling amazon seller support, you must take care that you are having each and every detail related to your query which can be asked by a representative to inform your problem. For example, if you are having an issue related to the order or any sort of conflict with the buyer, you must have the order of that buyer open on screen in front of you. So that you can answer each question without delaying and make this process easy. You can also be requested to ask for your account and information about the bill so you must be sure and have all details with you before calling Amazon seller support. Another important thing is that you must keep some writing material with you so that you can note what the representative tell you that how to resolve your issue.

What is Amazon seller support email?

Email is always another good way of communication. Amazon seller support gives you the option of emails for your help. You must understand that for different issues, different email ID’s are specified. You need to pick your relevant email ID keeping in view the problem you are facing. Here is the list of email id’s you can contact for your help.

  • Infringement of intellectual property rights

If you are having a problem with infringement of intellectual property rights, you can write your issue on this email: Email:

  • Request for payment after the closing of an account

If there is any issue you are facing, related to payment after your account is closed, you should contact on this email ID: Email:

  • Request for the quality of products issues

As a seller, if you have a problem with product quality, write on this seller performance email id: Email:

Contacting on these email ID’s you as a seller will be able to resolve your issues which are badly affecting your business or having bad impacts on it. You will resolve your issues through these amazon seller support contacts and grow and expand your business.

How do I use the Amazon live chat?

You have the option of live chat in amazon seller support. The live chat feature is the easiest and accessible for sellers because you can talk to a representative on the website at the same time you face problem while doing your work. You can live chat with our representative. You will have to log in to Amazon Seller account. Go to “Get Support” on amazon page and then click on “contact us” button. Here you can choose your relevant category which depends on your problem and chose to use the email or chat option. You can contact live chat and email 24 x 7 similar to calling phone seller support.

Following this link:

Amazon Seller Support

All sellers can live chat with representatives of Amazon India Seller Support. To avail this great feature, you must be logged in to your Amazon seller account.

Amazon India Seller Support website

By following the link, Amazon sellers can talk to a representative. They will respond you in less than an hour. Apart from this many email id’s are there, where you can ask for help. It is the best way to resolve your issues.

Contact form:

Amazon seller support also has an option of the contact form. You can fill this form and submit it. You will be contacted by our representative to solve your issues. You need to fill in your details i.e. your name, email, and detail of query what you want to ask about. Then submit. You can directly go to the contact form page by clicking link You just send this form and our representative will contact you within 24 hours.

How to register on Amazon for an Indian seller account?

You can register to Amazon seller account by following below mentioned simple steps:

1. On your computer, open up your browser. Open website in your browser or click this link A startup page will appear, here as shown in the image below.

amazon india seller support

2. Scroll down to the end of the page, and select sell on Amazon as shown with a red arrow in the image below.

amazon india seller support

3. You will be redirected to a new page. Click on ‘click here to register’.

amazon india seller support

4. A new page will appear. Here click on register now.

amazon india seller support

5. You will see a new page. Here you need to create your new account as a seller. Enter your name, email, password, and password again for confirmation. Now click on create your Amazon account.

amazon india seller support

6. On the next page enter legal name, and press continue.

amazon india seller support

7. After you press continue, you will be asked for phone verification. Enter your phone number and click send SMS. You will receive a verification code

amazon india seller support

8. Now verify your mobile number by entering the verification code and click on the verify button.

amazon india seller support

9. After verification of your mobile, add your seller information, tax details, seller interview and continue to dashboard. Your seller account will be created.

Amazon customer care number 24×7 available

If you are using Amazon and facing any sort of issue related to order placing, replacement of products, the problem in delivery, issue with payment or payment method or problem with the order. You may face various problems while using any offer in Amazon like no-cost EMI or exchange offer. There can be so many issues that you may feel need to talk to customer support of Amazon. There are a number of ways through which you can contact and ask about your queries. The Amazon customer care number 24×7 is easily available and accessible. You will find it really helps if you call Amazon customer support number 24 hours. Different Amazon India Seller Support numbers are available. Both paid and toll-free numbers are available to us where we can talk at any time in a day.

Amazon customer care number 24×7 ( India)
Here is the list of Amazon customer care number 24 hours available:
Amazon business services customer care number (Free): 1800-419-7355.
Amazon customer care number (toll-free) is: 0800496 2449
Amazon India Registered Office Phone Number: +91 80 33273000
Amazon India customer care number: 80030009009
Amazon India customer care number (Paid): 022-30430101 / 1866-216-1072

All above-mentioned Amazon India Seller Support numbers are available for you 24 hours a week. You are free to contact at any time. The toll-free number is free of cost, means you can talk without costing you charges. The numbers which are paid cost you specified charges of calling. So you can easily solve your all issues by just calling these numbers. You can contact Amazon customer care number 24 hours by dialing above mentioned number.

Amazon customer care number 24 hours

1800 102 2055 (Toll-free)
In addition to the mobile number, you can dial Amazon India Seller Support customer care number 1800 102 2055. By dialing you can get in touch with Amazon and resolve issues related to your product. Amazon India customer care number 1800 419 7355 is another toll-free number. You can call here free of cost. amazon customer care number 24 hours is open for your assistance 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Amazon seller support jobs

Amazon offers you the vast number of jobs available for you. Amazon opens the handsome opportunity for people who want a job. Millions of people are finding and getting benefits from Amazon seller support jobs. An unlimited number of people are successfully working at Amazon. There are many types of jobs available for people who are willing to do something big and achieve big goals. You know as a seller you are facing a lot number of issues. To solve those issues you want this process to be fast and immediate. To facilitate sellers Amazon seller support jobs are available for candidates having excellent qualifications related to different posts. So Amazon India Seller Support organization consists of a diversity of team members which are all serving the sellers and their issues.

Sellers are the third party verified members who are selling their products at Amazon. They are offering a variety of items for sale on the online global market. Sellers are the very important contributors towards the excellent shopping experience of Amazon customers. So sellers must be served and addressed for every issue they are facing. Amazon’s first preference is that the sellers must be successful on Amazon platform. So that the whole process from sellers to buyers and delivery of products move easily and effectively.

The Amazon India Seller Support team includes a range of jobs, from phone picking for listening and solving issues of the sellers to the people solving major technical issues of the whole system. The main purpose of all these amazon seller support jobs is to serve sellers so that they can work efficiently and in turn serve customers.
Joining Amazon seller support jobs gives you an outstanding chance to grow up and develop their career, and helping sellers to grow their business.

The Amazon seller support job description is given at Click on this link to look more into the jobs available at Amazon seller support.

Amazon seller support job description

There are many categories of jobs available at Amazon seller support. If you want a job here, you can search for the category which is related to your academic qualification. The job categories and job description are available at the link given above. Billions of jobs are open on daily basis all over the world. If we talk about India, there are hundreds and thousands of job available throughout the country. The Administrative support is the category of people who are looking after and running the whole system smoothly. It includes posts of administrative assistant, receptionist and office manager and many more. Business intelligence is another job category. It is all about data. In this department, the people having experience in data handling and processing will be preferred for the job. It includes data entry, data analyst, statisticians and many more. In planning, buying and in stock management, the planning is involved which ensure the timely happening of each process and at the right place, such as timely delivery, stock checking, and planning of different tasks. It includes job posts against the buyer, planner, in stock manager and a lot more. One of the big department working in Amazon is the customer service. The employee in customer service ensures that the customers are served well for any type of their query at any time 24/7. Amazon India Seller Support service team is strong and always ready to help customers. A large number of jobs are available in customer service of Amazon. Likewise there are many other job categories such as, economists, designing, business development, data science, database administration, hardware development, legal, human resources, finance and accounting, editorial, writing, content management, operations management, investigation and loss management, marketing, public policy, research science, systems, quality and system engineering, software development, solutions architect, supply chain, transportation management and many more.

You may have got an idea about Amazon India Seller Support job description from the above-mentioned info. You can get into these jobs and benefit from these jobs. This discussion and information is equally beneficial for sellers and people looking for job and exposure at amazon seller support.

Now sellers can see that how many people are here to serve you. Each person is doing his/her own specific job and looking after and resolving your queries. So you must continue and grow your business as a seller at Amazon. Sellers are at benefit because of a number of reasons. It includes secure and timely payment, stress-free and fast shipping, you will get paid when you sell, no fixed cost, billions of customers and above all professional services and guidelines that help sellers through each and every step of selling online.

Amazon seller support interview

Now you know that a large number of jobs are available at Amazon India Seller Support so you may want to know about Amazon India Seller Support interview. It is merely dependent on the nature of the job you are applying for. You will be asked questions in the interview related to your specified field of interest and job you have applied for. Generally, you can be asked that introduce or tell about yourself? Why do you want to do this job? Why you choose this field? These are the generalized questions you can be asked. You can answer these questions by preparing yourself prior to an interview. During the introduction, you can discuss your qualification and your unique characteristics or skills which can differentiate and prefer you above other candidates. You must tell and prove your good qualities and your behavior must be good with the interviewer. There are many websites available on Google where people share their experience about amazon seller support interview. You can get an idea about interview questions by looking at and viewing those websites. You can search by simply writing ‘amazon seller support interview’ in Google search bar. You will find many websites.

From the above discussion, we can conclude that the sellers have access to the Amazon India Seller Support phone number, amazon seller contact number toll-free, Amazon India Seller Support emails and customer care numbers. Sellers can call or chat or email at any time 24×7. It makes the process of selling more easy and efficient. Sellers can use these numbers and emails for their assistance. In addition to Amazon seller support contact details, we also get a generalized idea about Amazon seller support job description and Amazon seller support interview. So if you want to do a job in the Amazon seller support you can see details on this page and clarify your issues. If you find anything missing in this article you can send us a comment below.

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